Computer Repairs

Fast Computer Repairs

Need something fixed? There is nothing we can’t fix. Play station 4, XBOX One, phones, computers; we do it all! For a small price of $20 we can tell you what’s wrong with it and if it is worth fixing. A lot of other places will tell you it’s unfixable, but happily offer you a replacement. Even if the place tells you what is wrong, it usually costs $100.

We will tell you the truth of what is wrong. There is no sweating the truth of what is wrong. You will be happy to know that the repairs will not cost you an arm and a leg. We have also done repairs on TV’s, printer’s, Xbox’s and happily help you set up anything you need help with. You just got your computer back, but now your network is acting up, what do you do? We can help you set up a wireless / wired network or help troubleshoot why it is not working.